If you’re a car owner, then you’re no doubt aware of the potential for scams when it comes to towing. With crooks looking to make a quick buck, it’s important to be vigilant and know what to watch out for.  

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common tow truck scams and how you can avoid them. If you want to know how to find a reliable towing company, you can visit www.edmtowing.ca

Unsolicited Service 

Towing scams are unfortunately all too common, and one of the most prevalent is what’s known as unsolicited service. This is when a tow truck driver shows up out of the blue and offers to help you with your vehicle, often claiming that they were sent by a friend or family member.  

In reality, they’re just hoping to take advantage of your situation and charge you an exorbitant fee for their services. If you find yourself in this situation, the best thing to do is politely decline and call a tow truck that you know and trust. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and get quotes from multiple companies before making a decision – after all, it’s your money and your car on the line.  

With a little research and caution, you can avoid being scammed by unscrupulous tow truck drivers. 

Inaccurate or Incomplete Quote 

If you’ve ever had your car towed, you know that it can be a costly and stressful experience. Unfortunately, tow truck drivers sometimes take advantage of unsuspecting motorists by overcharging them or towing their cars to an inconvenient location.  

Inaccurate or incomplete information is one common towing scam. For example, a driver may tell you that your car can only be released from the impound lot during business hours when in reality it can be released 24 hours a day.  

Or, they may tell you that your car needs to be towed to a specific location for repairs, when in fact any qualified mechanic can do the work.  

To avoid being scammed, always get pricing and release information in writing and make sure you understand it before signing anything. If you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to call around and compare prices.  

The Towing Company Does Not Recognize Road Assistance Programs 

One common scam is for the tow truck company to claim that they do not recognize road assistance programs like AAA. As a result, drivers are forced to pay out-of-pocket for the tow, which can often be exorbitant.  

Another common tactic is for the tow truck operator to tell the driver that their car must be towed to an impound lot, which can cost hundreds of dollars.  

Fortunately, there are steps that drivers can take to protect themselves from these scams. First, it is important to call your own roadside assistance provider rather than relying on someone else to call for you. This way, you can confirm that the tow truck company is legitimate and approved by your provider. Second, always ask for a written estimate of the cost of the tow before agreeing to have your vehicle moved. This will help to avoid any surprises later on.